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How it all began

Historians don’t, generally, agree when “The Dark Ages” actually began. Some put it as late as the 4th century AD following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Others say that the Romans themselves caused the Dark Ages as they embodied the changeover from creating wealth by innovation, trade and industry to becoming wealthy by stealing it from others. Much further back in time, to when Egypt ceased to be the sole stable power and model for all other civilisations is favoured by some.
Be that as it may, we still have to deal with the legacy of darkness.

What the Dark Ages have done to the human psyche stems from this change from participation in a “divinely guided” world of inclusiveness to submission to dictatorships. Absolute obedience to the new order of priests began this. This later progressed through a series of aristocrats, autocrats, bureaucrats, medical-crats and, presently, the bankers. For this progression to happen, the dignity of the individual had to be ruthlessly suppressed - initially in the temple rites followed by the much more intense suppression practiced by the medeaeval “christian” church and nowadays by the evil bankers who view you as their property to do with as they wish. (Whilst it is true that many have not yet noticed this, sufficiently large numbers of people have done the necessary research for themselves that many millions are now working hard to prevent the bankers attaining their goal.)

What is needful right now is a very rapid method of deleting this millennia-old degradation of human dignity and a re-awakening of the knowledge of your true self.

One of the world-famous Russian healers, Boris Bojtschenko, has spent many decades researching in this area and has, gradually, developed a methodology to do precisely this.

In the Summer of 2018, I learned the basic technique from one of his German students and then went on to develop it further. I do not know whether Boris Bojtschenko is also aware of these further developments; his former student was not aware of them but contacting Boris now that he has gone into retirement is not easy, especially as we have no common language.

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