How and When?

Normally, there will be three individual sessions conducted via the internet on a one to one basis over about ten days.

Initially, I did try to create a single transmission similar to the Healing Transmissions and the more complex “Goddess Transmissions” for the pancreas or the Clearing Transmissions for removing toxins from your body.

The attempt to repeat the success of the Goddess and Clearing Transmissions proved to be almost spectacularly unsuccessful: Everyone’s basic life programmes are even more individual than a fingerprint; a skilled plastic surgeon can change your fingerprints but attempting to clean your life programmes in a general way has the sole result of giving you a thunderous headache. Your mind-clearing programme is unique to you. This means that you can only have it from me personally (or …have it in one to one sessions with me). Thanks to the internet, this is eminently possible if you have a computer with camera and microphone or a smart ‘phone.

All that you need to do is to get yourself an account at and let me know what your account name is. Wire has been made by the people who originally made Skype and left Microsoft after they saw so much spyware added to it that it often does not work as an online communication system. You will find that it even looks and works very similar to Skype.

Then download and fill out this form so that we can get your appointments organised.

Please be sure that you can make three appointments within twenty days. Long gaps between appointments may result in regression.

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