In September 2018 I began a series of tests with 19 volunteers. Although some of them proved to be difficult to contact, the reports provided by those who did complete the 3 sessions are so uniformly positive that I decided in October to open this method to everyone. Many have promised me their reports of what transpires in the weeks following and, as they are received, they will be published here.

Most of those who have so far taken the course, completed it within the planned three sessions. Some, however, had such severe problems to resolve that the first and, sometimes, also the second phase had to be divided into two separate sessions. There is NO additional charge for this.

Three times so far (31st May 2019) there have been applicants with so much heavy metal in their brains - mercury, cadmium, aluminium and especially lead - that it was not possible to begin to free their brain's structure. These nerve toxins had to be removed first. The Clearing Transmissions are very effective in this.

Anyone who has completed all three phases may submit a report for publication here. Your complete name and precise location will not be published.

Sometimes, I have had to remove intruding energies which had been abusing the applicant for many years. Again, there is NO extra charge for this.

The reports listed here are in reverse date order, i.e.the newest are at the top.
Where this helps with clarification, I have written comments to some of these. Such comments follow the report and are always in green.


What will your experience be?

The first phase of my personal Mind Clearings required two short sessions of about 10-15 minutes. It was necessary to remove an enormous “performance” pressure. This had to do with the fact that, as a child, I had to take over the role of “the man of the house” when my father left me and my mother. With my “inner eye” I could see how the information which was as if carved in stone was washed over with light and just disappeared from my head. Afterwards, I felt, in a very pleasant way, emptied and really enjoyed the following days. Then I had a clearing “thunder storm” with my partner in which a great deal which had been left lying was cleared. Since then, we understand each other much better and have become much closer. Even “in bed” there was a positive change.

The second phase took place about a week later and took about 10 minutes. This was about the dissolution of the emotions which were bound to old traumas. During the following days these old feelings kept coming up - powerlessness, some anger and, at times, a great sadness - yet I could quickly let them go: They were no longer my being and self-perception.
My senses have become much sharper since the second phase and I can concentrate much better because I no longer have the feeling of having to do much more than I can.

The third transmissions connected the “physical-self” with the higher self or Christ consciousness. It has nothing to do with religious orientation and feels sublime. Although I, to some extent, already had the connection, the breadth and clarity since the third phase have increased enormously. From now I will be cultivating this connection daily through the use of the simple exercise which Karma showed me after completing the third session.

I am boundless happy and thankful to have the entire old “manure” out of my stall at last and I go on my way with much more certainty and confidence.


Donovan R., NRW Germany


The only unusual thing about Rita’s story, below, is the speed with which she got to where she wanted to be.

On the other hand, she’d been trying for years to find the way out of her torment and had been “banging her head against a brick wall” without realising that the brick wall was her own thoughts and belief systems with which she’d be programmed throughout her childhood (as have we all). Once the “brick wall” had been cleared out of her mind she just went straight to her goal. Just let her tell you in her own words:-

Hi Karma,
My experience and notice around the mind clearing is as such:

March 5th 2019 we did the first clearing. i.e Delete negative thoughts, delete destructive programming and remove barriers to be myself. The day of I felt dizzy, a lot of discomfort and a light headache. With someone who gets migraines sporadically this wasn’t, this was merely a small headache. At times the day of I felt like I couldn’t breathe. No physically but from an unknown overwhelming setting. My head felt heavy and there was pressure but at a medium level and something I could handle. The next day this dissipated a lot. By the third day I was getting great single line insights!

March 10th 2019 we did the second one i.e. disconnection of trauma and emotional connection that kept us in the repetitive cycles. This one was to stop the replication of said incidents that are triggered by these trauma emotions. I had three major horrific news all in a row and typically I would have mentally broken down but for some reason this time I felt calm and centered. I didn’t react intensely but was accepting of the shocks itself and then worked through them one by one. Oddly enough I even felt a trigger on it’s onset and felt it bounce off to nothing. Hard to explain but it felt like something was trying to access me or my emotions and it failed. Like if you are clicking on a computer program but can’t access it so you go nowhere.

Lastly, March 20th we did the last item which was connection to our over self, higher self or divineness so to speak. I had a slight burning sensation on the top of my head, more like if you eat a spearmint gum or a menthol candy and you can feel that coldness in your mouth, that type. I noticed so many things going wrong but this time I realized I could watch it, it didn’t get to me and I kept leaving those situations like oh well. Four-five days later I am now starting to see certain things that I’m doing. For example, I can see a short answer when people ask me a question and yet I was giving them more background. It is really a self-improvement assessment moment by moment for me. I can see myself when I’m trying myself up in a knot dancing around a question and most importantly I have been feeling so much love for everything around me.

To make it clear, I’m not energy sensitive, I don’t feel energy etc, so being very technical minded as I had mentioned to you, I tracked the symptoms as I saw them and listed items as they appeared to me. I am now in the process of discovering my passion, figuring out what I want from life, no longer sitting on the bench. I have a deep desire to get up and go do something and changing myself to be better. It is odd, especially for someone who seemed to have been asleep at the wheels it seems to me now. I was the passenger in the car of life and NOW I WANT to be the driver!!! If that makes any sense?

Thanks for all that you did for me! I am excited to see where I go from here because I AM in the driver seat now and I can steer this life in any direction I choose!


Rita S. California, USA


Here are some of my thoughts on what I've noticed, about myself, since we did the third and final part. I will do a separate testimonial for you:
1) I have been a lot more productive and focused, especially with starting a few projects that I've been thinking about working on.
2) I've been feeling a lot more positive about things.
3) I have had a few bouts of negativity but they didn't last long and I had no real dark thoughts, like before.
4) When I get erect, I remain so for longer (potential cure for erectile dysfunction?)
5) Been feeling that 'something good' is going to come my way.

Toran S. Somerset, England

Most problems with sexual arousal - both impotence and frigidity - are caused by emotional blocks and low self-esteem. As Mind Clearing brings about correction to these, it is small wonder that the physical effects disappear. The other major cause is dietary - the consumption of large amounts of beef.



Hey Karma,
here is a feedback to Mind Clearing which we did around Christmas time.
In professional or financial regards, nothing has changed. My mind set appears to be still the old one, unfortunately.

On the relationships front, however…. I have at last forgiven my (still) husband who left me three years ago and left a family battlefield behind. For three years I have had a broken heart, was hurt and extremely angry. Now, however, for the first time, I could wish him happiness from my heart and, abracadabra, I could open myself for a good man that I had constantly overlooked in these last three years even though we kept meeting each other.
So, a total success.

If this would happen professionally and financially, that would really be nice. Maybe it’s on its way?
I am a passionate yoga teacher but I cannot live from that and must take a part-time job. I doesn’t hurt but, through the separation from my husband, things are, financially, very tight and I can’t work full-time because of the children. Nothing has developed here as yet.

Greetings from
Katrin T. Hamburg, Germany


Hi Katrin,
one of the differences between the littlest and the grandest selves is that the littlest self thinks on problems and the grandest think in solutions.

What is totally obvious to your grandest self is that, so long as you live in blaming, you can never have abundance.

In the German language, this is even clearer as the words for guilt, blaming and debts are all the same root word because these three are, energetically, inseparable.
Your grandest self begins, of course, with the solution of the basic problem because the others are unreachable until this is resolved.

This is not true merely for Katrin but is a general principle used by the bankers to gain your wealth!
Any sort of blaming will cause you to reject your natural abundance and to live in relative poverty.
Once you reject your abundance it becomes free for the bankers to harvest it.

Blessed be



Dear Karma,
Unexpectedly, I made the following discovery as I tried to help friends, in my way, to release restrictive programmes.
One appears to be such a victim that one takes pity on her for all of the deprivation and self-restrictive programmes with which she makes herself so small.

As I connected with her and peered inside her, the picture changed completely: I saw an intensive narcissism and a blown-up ego with an insane claim to dominance. I saw further that these tendencies to control and to possess are, auto-aggressively, turned inwards so that she totally blocks her potential and appears, subjectively, to be the “poor little me” victim.

Is it possible to heal such with Mind Clearing?

Blessed be
Daniel F. S. H. (Second report)

Hi Daniel,
as the re-built connection to your grandest self extends itself, it is to be expected that you will perceive ever more of reality, i.e. you will see through all illusions and pretence.

And yes, Mind Clearing would help your friend greatly but she must first want to cease being a victim and begin living instead! This is not so easy as it may sound becuase her present self-definition is as a victim.

Blessed be


at last I have found the right time to write to you about events in my life since my Mind Clearing at the end of October 2018 …. and I must say that I am really looking forward to the next months and maybe even years of change.

There was a big change right after the Mind Clearing - since then I think in a completely different way; negative though just disappeared from my head as soon as they showed themselves. My big problem of insufficient money has changed to abundance. From living on social security with chronic shortages at the end of each month, I have now become a mother of four children who has found a job that I enjoy doing. Money worries have just been blown away I can not only fulfil all of our needs, I have even managed to save 1000 Euros! (about $1200.00). I can’t really describe it: The job hasn’t suddenly given me much more money; it is my thoughts which have changed.

In recent days, I have also noticed that the world around me is much less cluttered and life is much easier.

I could write much more….all in all 100 per cent abundance. I can only recommend your work to others and I do and have done.


Stefanie H., Thüringen, Germany.

One point which Stefanie makes very clear here is that money problems are not to be resolved by getting more money but by changing yout thoughts about money!


After the first session, Karma said to me that my main programme comes from my early childhood and is, “Tell me what I must do for you so that you will accept me. This programme has overlaid all others and made it impossible for you to use them.”

I was astounded - never had anyone hit the nail on the head with such precision.

During the following week, I noticed how I was still partially stuck fast in this old pattern. I was out and about with other people and saw clearly how I constantly put myself under pressure to so comport myself that others would accept me.

After the second session, this compulsion disappeared completely and I became calm. Having now the confidence to be accepted just as I am, I could, at last, just be myself instead of constantly playing anxious roles.

During the last few weeks, I have had an eager creative impulse to carry out a plan to create my own business which I had been pushing to one side for many years. Enthusiastically, I created a website and flyers.
Today, I looked back in my calendar to see when this impulse came: It was just one day after the first session with Karma!
The most noticeable thing with this is the confidence that it will work. This confidence is something that I have NEVER previously had with any concept of creating my own business; I was, previously, always pessimistic, believing that it wouldn’t work for me. Now I feel a calm, confident clarity that it will, without a doubt, work for me. All beliefs restricting my possibilities have disappeared. My perspective on my life has been freed from a long, dark tunnel to a 360 degree panorama.

Occasionally, my ego began to get in the way - my enthusiasm lost contact with the Earth and became ungrounded. A typical symptom of this was one potential business partner whose mouth was full of promises but I quickly saw was just meaningless gabble.
Although I landed heavily after such experiences and interest in my services ebbed somewhat, I no longer live in the old restrictive belief system and quickly get going again.

After the third session, I didn’t notice any further changes.
Since the second session, I have been going through a strong physical and emotional healing and clearing process. My body is obviously going through an intensive detoxification. Emotionally, everything that had been stuck in the system unhealed is coming to the surface to be cleared. It’s as though the bottom card in a house of cards has been taken away and everything else collapses like an avalanche of stones.

Whenever an emotional wave has returned to calm, I am in a tranquil confidence that everything will happen at the right time. Without doubt but also without the loss of contact with reality that happened at first.

Daniel F. Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Daniel's experience shows two very important things.
One, he has already realised; this is that business success is never a "technique" (which is why the techniques that you can buy don't work for most people) but an inner conviction of success. Until you remove the obstacles and allow your natural abundance programmes to take charge of your life, you're just fighting against yourself.
The other is that that which shortens life in general and a healthy life specifically, is stored emotional toxins. Once these have been processed and released - something which is an unavoidable effect of Mind Clearing - then health an longevity become inevitable.


I volunteered to test Karma Singh's new Mind Clearing methed in the middle of September.
Within approximately ten days, I receved three personal treatments live via internet video. If you let the medicos operate on your brain, there are unavoidable and unpleasant side-effects and pain. Rewriting my brain caused no pain wjhatsoever - in fact it was almost imperceptible on the physical level. What was definitle noticeable is that I was give two substantial sums of money from unexpected sources.

As, in my case, an ancestral burden and family problems were part of the resolution and the money came through/via my family to me, I think that there is a direct connection here.  Additionally, I perceive a slow but steady improvement in my business finances. This flow had been present before the Mind Clearing but it is now much freer and easier as though old restrictions are gradually being removed. I cannot say, after only one month, that things have already reached the optimum state but I can feel that an even quicker money flow is now possible.

It was very interesting to hear what Karma read in my brain and surprisingly accurate. I could clearly relate to everything he said and recognised the explanation of behaviour patterns which I repeatedly experienced. I don’t, of course, expect that habits and programming that I have been carrying out for decades are going to change overnight. This can only happen step by step. Karma said that the changes have been set in motion by deletion of the destructive habit programmes and that the natural, abundance programmes will gradually gain the upper hand. This is already happening in my daily life. The usual problems still raise their heads but I can now master them with relatively little effort.

There were no initial difficulties (detoxification processes); everything began immediately to go in a positive direction. The following months and years will show whether these changes are permanent. I am ready for it!

Manu S. Hessen, Germany



Hello Karma,
you recognised that lack is not one of my problems and that I brought some very interesting themes with me into this life. What you also saw is that someone had forbidden me to use these special programmes / themes / abilities! On top of this, an indoctrination forbidding me live!!

This is what I experienced after the first phase:
- bubbling noises in my abdomen followed by intestinal detoxification
- euphoric happiness combined with the unrestrained desire to dance!
- I feel movement - heaviness is gone
- I feel myself and am well grounded - no longer like a leaf in the wind
- I feel that I belong (here on Earth)
- on just one day, I found money in three different places and, on the following day, even more money!

Effects of the second phase:
- Almost immediately I felt great anger
- consternation that someone would do this to me
- I am proud of myself that, despite the “I am forbidden to live” indoctrination, I am alive!
- many men now stare at me as though they are amazed at what they see
- travelling on the bus, people now sit willingly next to me
- I have SEEN my Light Pillar ( docked onto my spine
- discomfort in my lower jaw and left side of my face over several days
- I have a different perception of light
- hastiness has disappeared; I am now calm and am still punctual!
- pain in the middle joint of one finger for a few hours
- a work colleague greeted me with, “Wow, you are looking good!”
- I now approach men very differently

Effects of the third phase:
- you say that I now look much more alive
- small children now look at me with great big eyes
- I experience prayers and affirmations in a different way - I can now feel them!
- I am much more present; previously, I didn’t know who or what I am!

So, dear Karma, these are the things that I have experienced. Should there be further dramatic changes, I will let you know.

My deepest gratitude for your work!!!!!

Sunny greetings from Berlin

Dagmar W. Berlin, Germany

In point of fact, she looked completely different by the third phase.


Session with Karma on Friday 12th October 2018 (written on 15th October)

I felt the energy transmission very clearly - as though my whole body lightly vibrated. Warmth, especially in my torso, was very noticeable.

On the following day, I didn’t notice anything special other than that I was quite tired in the afternoon.
Early to bed and up with the chickens on Sunday morning. I spent the day with my two year old, very lively granddaughter. We played and laughed almost the whole day in the garden. That evening I couldn’t get to sleep; as though my body was sleeping and I not. It has happened occasionally that I think I am awake and my husband then wakes me up and tells me to stop snoring. This time, however, it was really clear that my body was sleeping but I wasn’t; this had never been so clear.

On the Monday afternoon, I noticed that there were almost no thoughts running around inside my head and that I can just by myself.
I also noticed that I was no longer as scattered as I usually am. I suddenly had a plan for the whole day and could follow it with ease. It’s a case of many small jobs to do but I can now tackle them one after the other instead of thinking that I must do all of them at once. In short, I can now plan.


Session with Karma on Tuesday 16th October 2018 (written on 18th Oct.)

Once again, my system gave a strong reaction to the energy. My tongue especially itched and continued to do so for about an hour afterwards.

The next two nights I had great difficulty in getting to sleep. It seemed to me that my thoughts which I usually had before sleeping were missing. After only 4 hours sleep I awoke fit and ready to go.
I have become much calmer and feel much less erratic and restless; almost nothing disturbs me.


Session with Karma on Friday 19th October 2018 (written on 22nd Oct.)

Shortly after the session, my eyes seemed to readjust themselves; looking into myself, dreamy, concentrated on a single point, adjusting themselves independently of each other. It was an “adventure” to learn what an energy eyes have and that they are not simply “just there”.
Mornings I no longer need an alarm of coffee to get going. I am centred in myself and perceive myself as the observer. I now find joy in the little things in life and time has lost its importance.

Brigitte L. Switzerland
(Some personal details have been edited out - Karma)

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