There is no really fixed price for Mind Clearing. It is a matter of your choice.

The general payment that I would like to receive is £77.00 / $115.00 / €108,-. If this is OK with you then end of story and you will be sent payment details with your appointment confirmation.

Some, as I know, do have a problem at the moment with this amount; if this is you then send me an email with your suggestion and we’ll take it from there.

Some have already conquered some of their poverty programmes and could easily choose to pay more. This, then, makes it possible for me to work with others at much lower prices or even completely free of charge.

The choice is yours. If you want to pay the standard charge initially and then give a larger sum when it is clear to you how much you have gained then this is fully open to you - you will have the payment details from your first appointment and can always send more later.

Please note: There is just one single charge for all three sessions. The price is NOT per session but for all three together.

If deleting your poverty programme results in your winning the lottery then I would request that you consider donating a commission.

Choice made? Then please fill out this form

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